The Real Estate Market Its Off To The Races

Dated: 03/12/2018

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Real estate can BEST be described right now as a horse race!   The fastest horse wins the race. Preparation is key to winning in this type of real estate market.   

In Central Florida, Real Estate is definitely a feeding frenzy.  It's still a sellers market with very little inventory and plenty of buyers bidding on homes.  This means multiple offers on properties from numerous buyers.  The highest and best offer usually is the one that is accepted by the seller. 

With that, we have had to initiate priority protocol for all of our clients.  Due to the immediate nature of this market, we must prioritize our people, then our time, which dictates our activities for each day. 

So, how do you get to be a VIP Priority Client?  

1.)  Sellers: 

        All sellers have priority.  If you are ready to list now, call us, then start packing!!!  We'll get it done quickly!

        Chances are we already have a buyer in our database looking for YOUR home!  

2.) Buyers:

The buyer clients are clearly outlined below.  Which category describes your situation best?

A+ Priority Buyers:

    A.  Are ready, willing and able to purchase a home right now.

    B.  Has pre-approval letter completed or has submitted proof of funds to our team.  We've set up your file and you are listed as a first priority buyer.

    C.  Is ready to run as soon as the listing hits the market.  (We are too!)

    D.  Has checkbook in hand, just in case.

    E.  Has appraisal money, home inspection money, and escrow deposit ready.  

    F.  Can make a decision right away when they see the right property.  

    G.  Has signed an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement to work with us.  

    H.  Can cover their closing costs without asking for assistance. 

    I.    Will receive 1st priority access on seeing homes before any other clients,  Will have all calls, texts, and emails answered first, and may request additional photos on any homes poorly represented by listing agents. We'll get this done for you!                  

    J.   Is receiving MLS alerts, in addition to website alerts, with VIP status (sent right away!)

    K.  Will receive full Real Estate Services.  We are known for going way above and beyond the call of duty.  

    K.  Will respond to requests during extended hours, if we are awake.  

A Buyers:

    A.  Is searching for a home now.  Also a priority buyer.  

    B.  Is ready with A, B, C, D, E, & F  listed above. 

    C.  Needs help with closing costs from seller contribution.  

    D.  Is getting MLS alerts, in addition to website alerts on new listings.  Also VIP Status

B+ Buyers:

    A.  Is planning on seriously looking in 1-3 months.

    B.  Is working on other items listed above to increase priority status with us. 

    C.  Is actively searching all the listings online. 

    D.  Receives housing alerts set up daily. 

    E.  Has spoken with lender and is working on credit issues, if any.  

    F.  Is actively submitting required documents to lender to get promoted to an A Buyer!  

B Buyers:

    A.  Looking in 3-6 months. 

    B.  Reviews listings occasionally.  

    C.  Making plans, just not ready to pull the trigger yet. 

C Buyers:

    A.  Looking in 6-12 months. 

    B.  Fixing Credit Issues.  Should be working with a lender to fix issues now, if needed.

    C.  Reviews listings weekly or less. 

Everyone else:

    Let's just keep in touch until you are ready and need us.  Fair enough?

Tips on how to become a Priority Buyer:

1.  Talk with us on the phone.  Let's discuss your wants, needs, financing and what your ideal home looks like.  

2.  Let's discuss your next steps. 

3.  Provide us with a valid phone number to reach you.  Also best time to call you.  Be available to talk.

4.  Know what you want and when you want it.

5.  Be a decision maker.  

6.  We'll move up your priority as you complete the necessary steps above.

7.  Loyalty is key on both of our parts.  Ask for the Exclusive Buyers Broker Agreement to lock in your Priority Status!  

Our team strives very hard to answer all questions and requests from all clients as quickly as possible!   Oftentimes we get into a time crunch as our day has MANY moving parts.

Given the frenzy in the market right now, requests will now be handled in priority order.   You will be given top priority when you are ready to purchase a home.   Your questions are still very important and will be answered as quickly as we can respond.  

As your situation changes with increased urgency, please notify us so we can upgrade your priority status.  ****Our goal is to give everyone VIP Status and Service when they are ready to purchase. ****  

We want you to feel like you are our ONLY client! 

If you have any questions, please contact My Florida Lifestyle Realty Group at Preferred Real Estate Brokers from 9 am to 6:00 pm EST at 407-468-0727 or email Karen at [email protected].  

We'll answer after hours calls, texts, and emails as quickly as we can, in priority order.   You ARE important to the success of our team!

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